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Aelethia's Hope


With the completion of Melenthia&#39;s training by the elves, she is ready to return to the love of her life. With her knowledge and training, and the revelation that she has Elvin blood, she hopes her relationship with Dain won&#39;t fail, or the destiny she must face in defeating the darkness. Fallon has grown strong and is preparing for war. <br><br>Kevaan and his knights plan to take back Lachlan Castle from Fallon&#39;s grip, and Alek must reach the Chancellor in the west before war breaks out. With faith that the Isamarians will join them in the fight to save the world, Melenthia will prepare herself for the ultimate battle, one against Fallon and the Dark One.<br><br>Join Melenthia and her friends on this perilous battle between good and evil. Will this be the end for her and Dain? With Tanith&#39;s power, will she be able to withstand the strength of Fallon and the Dark One? Or will she fail and watch as all of Aelethia falls into darkness? This is the exciting finale of the journey of the Chosen One and her powerful sword Tanith.

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